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The 2023 WLA Prize Nomination Guidelines

Date Mar. 1, 2023

Thank you for your interest in the 2023 WLA Prize!
Please go through the following information before submitting your nomination.
1. Prize Introduction
The World Laureates Association Prize (WLA Prize) is an international science prize established since 2021 in Shanghai, initiated by the World Laureates Association (WLA), managed by the WLA Foundation, and exclusively funded by Sequoia China.
The WLA Prize aims to recognize and support eminent researchers and technologists worldwide for their contributions to science. It is intended to support global science and technology advancement, address the challenges to mankind and promote the long-term progress of society.
The 2023 WLA Prize recognizes excellence in two distinct categories: the "WLA Prize in Computer Science or Mathematics" and the "WLA Prize in Life Science or Medicine."
The total award for each Prize, which may be divided among up to four laureates, is RMB 10 Million.
2. Eligibility Criteria
The nominee must: 
● be recognized for their scientific excellence by the international scientific community;
● work in the area of Computer Science or Mathematics, and of Life Science or Medicine;
● not be a previous winner of the Nobel Prize, the Turing Award, the Abel Prize, the Lasker Award, the Canada Gairdner International Award or the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences;
● There are no age or nationality limitations.
3. Selection Criteria
● the nominee's outstanding contribution to the advancement of science;
● the impact of the nominee's research on the current state of the relevant scientific field (quality and impact of publications, conference presentations, patents, etc.);
● recognition of the nominee by peers within their discipline through publications;
● recognition of the nominee's commitments to education, teaching activities, mentoring and/or to science more broadly;
● the selection scope for mathematics is preferred in applied mathematics. 
4. Nomination
a. About the nominator
The WLA Prize welcomes nominations from across the globe. The nominator of the 2023 WLA Prize should be an individual. It is suggested that the organization/institution/department/company find a suitable nominator to submit the nomination. Self-nominations and nominations from family members are not allowed. (Family members refer to spouse, parents, children, brothers and sisters, paternal grandparents and maternal grandparents, paternal grandchildren and maternal grandchildren.)
b. About the nomination
The 2023 WLA Prize in each category can be awarded to an individual or co-awardees of up to 4. A nominator can propose up to 4 nominees. A nominator can nominate individuals, or a group of individuals whose work individually or collectively contributes to a discovery/breakthrough/achievement/idea/area.
c. About the Nomination Portal
Please submit your nomination and required materials for the WLA Prize via our official Nomination Portal.
d. About the nomination materials
A nomination is only considered valid and complete if it includes all the following information and documents:
● a duly completed Nomination Form (please fill out all fields under instructions);
● a CV of the nominator;
● a CV per nominee;
● a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of five (5) supporting letters;
● a list of the most significant publications of the nominee(s), up to 10 publications per individual or up to 20 publications per co-nomination (DOIs preferable);
● a maximum of ten (10) other documents that you believe will support your nomination, including but not limited to autobiography, patents granted to nominees, biography or media coverage (optional);
● All nomination documents must be written in English;
● The nominator should read and accept the Letter of Commitment and the Privacy Policy. By submitting the nomination, the nominator shall be deemed to know and accept the entire Letter of Commitment and Privacy Policy.
Nominations are valid for three years after they have been submitted successfully. For instance, your nomination(s) for the 2023 WLA Prize will stay valid until 31/12/2025 without the need of repeated submissions. 
*Your nomination(s) for the 2022 WLA Prize will stay valid until 31/12/2024 and thus be automatically submitted for this year's selection. If you want to make edits to your previous nominations, please use the Nomination Portal to resubmit the nomination. If the same nominator submitted multiple times, the last valid version of nomination before deadline shall prevail. 
5. Laureates' Selection
The Awards Committee and Selection Committees of the WLA Prize will be composed of distinguished members of the international scientific community in related disciplines. The Selection Committee will examine all submitted nominations and submit a selection report and a candidate's shortlist per single prize for assessment to the Awards Committee of the WLA Prize. The final list of laureates will be submitted to the Management Committee for confirmation.
6. Timetable
Call for Nominations: March 1–June 15, 2023. Nominations for the 2023 WLA Prize will close on 24:00 (GMT+8) on June 15, 2023, subject to the receipt time on the official website.
The WLA Prize Laureates Announcement: Late August/Early September, 2023, subject to actual progress.
The WLA Prize Award Ceremony: Expected November, 2023, subject to actual progress.
7. Notices to Prize Recipients
● The WLA Prize shall not be transferred for any purpose;
● WLA Prize recipients shall commit to attend the WLA Prize Award Ceremony and related ceremony and keep the results strictly confidential until they are officially announced by the host.
● WLA Prize recipients agree to be photographed, filmed and interviewed for non-commercial purposes and for related activities launched by WLA. The photos, videos, and written materials will be used for publications and audio-visual media promotion in China and worldwide, including but not limited to written media, television, Internet, outdoor displays, corporate publications, exhibitions.
● WLA Prize recipients agree to authorize their images for use in promoting science. A separate written consent to authorize the use of their images and materials shall be signed by each winner.
● WLA Prize recipients shall not receive any compensation for the above science promotion activities.
We value honesty and transparency and are dedicated to building a strong and lasting relationship with you based on trust and mutual benefit. Respecting your privacy is of paramount importance to us and therefore we solemnly promise to:
    ● Respect your privacy;
    ● Ensure that privacy protection is integrated into all our activities;
    ● Never disclose or sell your data;
    ● Be committed to keeping your data secure.
8. About Us
The World Laureates Association
The World Laureates Association (WLA) is a non-governmental and non-profit international organization. It is one of the world's highest-profile organizations of laureates with three missions: advocacy for basic science, promotion of international cooperation, and support for young scientists. Upholding the vision of "Science and Technology for the Common Destiny of Mankind," the WLA is committed to enhancing the academic exchange of ideas and research among scientists and scholars in China and the world.
The WLA Foundation
The WLA Foundation is a non-public charitable foundation that supports all WLA missions and activities by bringing together social forces.
9. About Sequoia China
Sequoia China helps daring founders build legendary companies. In partnering with Sequoia, companies benefit from its unmatched community and the lessons Sequoia has learned over the years. As "The Entrepreneurs Behind The Entrepreneurs", Sequoia China focuses on three sectors: tech, healthcare and consumer. Over the past 18 years, Sequoia China has had the privilege of working with more than 1000 companies. It is committed to advancing innovation in science and technology. It actively supports scientists and entrepreneurs, promotes technological innovation, and nurtures leading tech-enabled enterprises, with a concern for corporate social responsibility. As the exclusive sponsor of the World Laureates Association Prize (WLA Prize), Sequoia China hopes that its support will encourage the pursuit of innovative scientific developments and drive growth across the world. 

For more information, visit the official website at If you have any questions or concerns about the nomination, please reach out to us at
Please note: The WLA Prize nomination is free. If selected, nominees will not be required to pay any fees to receive the Prize. Please be noted that the authorized official email suffix is []. Should you encounter any suspicious accounts or activities, please get in touch with us immediately.

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