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WLA Prize FAQs

Please see below for answers to frequently asked questions about the WLA Prize. If you still have any further questions, please contact us at:

1. What are the prize categories? Will there be more added in the future?

The 2022 WLA Prize consists of two categories — "Computer Science or Mathematics" and "Life Science or Medicine."

The Prize Management Committee may consider expanding prize categories in the future to fulfill its mission — support global science and technology advancement, address the challenges to mankind and promote the long-term progress of society.

2. What will laureates receive?

The laureate(s) of each single prize will receive a cash prize of RMB 10 million, a certificate and a medal.

3. When are the laureates announced?

Each year, the WLA Prize Management Committee shall announce the laureates before the World Laureates Forum. The 2022 WLA Prize laureates will be unveiled in September.

4. What is the nomination deadline?

The nomination for the 2022 WLA Prize closed on July 15, 2022, Beijing Time (GMT+8).

1. Who is eligible to be a nominator of the WLA Prize?

We welcome all nominations, and our prize is open to all. The WLA Prize accepts nominations from both invited nominators as well as those who did not receive invitation letters.

The Secretariat shall invite respected figures, professionals, well-established research institutions and organizations in related fields to make nominations.

Self-nomination and nominations from team or family members will not be considered.

2. Is the Prize only open to individuals?

Yes, the WLA Prize is only open to individuals. Nominations for any research group, institution or organization will not be accepted.

3. Can I submit a nomination if I do not receive an invitation from the Prize?

Yes, you can. You don't need to be invited to submit a nomination. Remember to prepare all necessary nomination files as required and submit your nomination before the deadline.

4. What other roles are requested for a qualified nominator?

- Nominate the outstanding nominee(s) that best fit the WLA Prize's objective, criteria and principle;

- Provide authentic and reliable nomination material (written in English) as required;

- Avoid contacting the nominee before the laureate announcement;

- Provide additional information or clarification as requested by the Prize Committees through the Secretariat, if any.

1. Who is eligible to be nominated?

The nominee must:

- be recognized for their scientific excellence by the international scientific community;

- work in fields or disciplines of the two prize categories — computer science or mathematics, life science or medicine.

The nominee shall not have received the Nobel Prize, the Turing Award, or the Abel Prize.

There are no limitations concerning age or nationality.

2. Should I contact the nominee to make sure that they will not be nominated multiple times by other people?

No, you should not. Nominators should avoid contacting their nominees before the official laureate announcement. When a nominee is recommended multiple times, it shows that the nominee's work/contribution is greatly recognized by many people.

1. What are the key criteria for the nomination?

- the nominee's outstanding contribution to the advancement of science;

- the impact of the nominee's research on the current state of the relevant scientific field (number, quality, and impact of publications, conference presentations, patents, etc.);

- the recognition of the nominee by peers within their discipline through publications;

- the recognition of the nominee's commitments to education, teaching activities, mentoring and/or to science more broadly;

- the Prize in Mathematics will be focused on applied mathematics.

1. How will the Prize Committees be able to investigate and screen the nomination?

Nominations will be first evaluated by the Selection Committee of each single prize, after which shortlisted candidates will be submitted to the Award Committee for the final decision. The Award Committee will have a majority vote on the best nominees by secret ballot. The final decision will be confirmed and announced by the Management Committee.

2. Will nominators be contacted later on for clarifications, additional information, perhaps after the nomination closes?

If there is a need for additional information or clarification, the Secretariat shall contact the nominator.

3. Is there a fee to participate in the WLA Prize nomination and selection?

There is no charge for the WLA Prize nomination, and your nominee will not be required to pay any charges to claim the Prize when selected. Please do not believe any entities using WLA Prize/WLA/WLA Development Foundation’s logos & branding to request fees, purchases or transactions. If you find any suspicious accounts or activities, please get in touch with us immediately.