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The 2022 WLA Prize Nomination and Selection Process

Date Apr. 28, 2022

Step 1: Nomination

Eligibility Criteria

The nominee must:

1.Be recognized for their scientific excellence by the international scientific community;

2.Work in any area of Computer Sciences or Mathematics, and of Life Science or Medicine;

3.Not have received the Nobel Prize, the Turing Award or the Abel Prize.

There are no limitations concerning age or nationality.


Nomination Documents

Nominations can be made by any individual, scientific organization, or institution worldwide. Nominations of teams, self-nominations, and nominations from family members are not allowed.

1. A nominator can nominate up to four nominees.

2. Nominations will be emailed to , and all nomination documents must be written in English.

3. A nomination is considered complete only if it includes all the following documents:

     the 2022 WLA Prize nomination form

     a CV of the nominator

     a minimum of three and a maximum of five supporting documents

     the letter of commitment signed by the nominator.

The documents listed above should be numbered and renamed as required.

Step 2: Selection

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for the nominee are as follows:

1. The nominee’s outstanding contribution to the advancement of science;

2. The impact of the nominee's research on the current state of the relevant scientific field (number, quality, and impact of publications, conference presentations, patents, etc.);

3. The recognition of the nominee by peers within their discipline through publications;

4. The recognition of the nominee’s commitments to education, teaching activities, mentoring and/or to science more broadly;

5. The Prize in Mathematics will be focused on applied mathematics.


Laureates Selection

Preliminary Selection

1. The Selection Committee of the WLA Prize will be composed of distinguished members of the international scientific community in related disciplines.

2. The Selection Committee will examine all submitted nominations and submit a selection report per single prize for assessment to the Awards Committee of the WLA Prize.


Final Selection

1. The Awards Committee will evaluate the nominees pre-selected by the Selection Committee and have a majority vote on the best nominees by secret ballot. The final list of Laureates will be submitted to the Management Committee for confirmation.

2. The results will be communicated by phone or email to the Laureates a few days after the resolution of the Management Committee. They must remain confidential until the official announcement.


Step 3: Laureates Announcement

The Laureates of the WLA Prize will be announced by the Management Committee on September every year.


Step 4: WLA Prize Ceremony

The WLA Prize Ceremony will be held along with WLA Forum every November of the year.


Notice to the Laureates

1. The WLA Prize is not transferable for any other purpose whatsoever;

2. The Laureates commit to participate in the Awards Ceremony and related events, and keep the announcement confidential until the official announcement;

3. The Laureates agree to be photographed, filmed, and interviewed for non-commercial objectives and other WLA program-related purposes. These photos, videos, and texts will be used in publications and audiovisual means, including but not limited to written press, television, internet, outdoor display, corporate publications, exhibitions in China and worldwide;

4. The image of the Laureates can be used for the promotion of science among the younger generation. Each of the Laureates will sign a separate written, audiovisual authorization;

5. The Laureates will not receive any remuneration for such promotional activity.


Please Note: There is no charge for the WLA Prize nomination, and your nominee will not be required to pay any charges to claim the Prize when selected. Please do not believe any entities using WLA Prize/WLA/WLA Foundation’s logos & branding to request fees, purchases or transactions. If you find any suspicious accounts or activities, please get in touch with us immediately.

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